Apr 15, 2011

Digital Storytelling for Developing Writing Skills

This workshop was scheduled for the XYI TESOL-Ukraine Convention and run in two ways: Nina Lyulkun online in the virtual class WiZiQ and Ruslana Shamanska on-site.
In spite of we faced a great problem with the Internet connection, we thought a way out of this difficulty: Ruslana offered to use Skype (as it was only that worked on my side). Ruslana demonstrated half of my presentation and then started her own on-site.
Thank goodness, connection was recovered and I connected to WIZIQ on the last minutes scheduled.
I am very much obliged to Olena Franchuk for joining me in the class and we run a very short session in WiZiQ. I am not sure if it was perfect, but we managed to do that!
I hope next time will be more successful.
Below is a shot from the Typewith.me activity. Click on the picture to see it in original size.

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